A letter to my idol (Steve Jobs)

Now that I'm finally on medium, the platform everyone told me for so long to create my presence on, I want my first story to be the one I wrote in my college’s annual magazine a year back.

Not wasting any time on discussing what it's all about, why don't you just take a look at it yourself. I'm sure you'll love it.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Whenever I think of you, it reminds me of Krishna. one of the most revered deity in Hinduism. Yours and Krishna’s stories have same beginning. Both of you were abandoned by your real parents and the parents who adopted you two, proved to be ideal parents. The way destiny made you two meet your real parents is also very astonishing.

Wait, to whom am I telling this? The man who as a teen used to walk seven miles every Sunday to get free meal at Hare Krishna temple? Or to the man who came to India in search of enlightenment? You must be knowing more about Lord Krishna than many of us.

Your life inspired me to be articulate,self driven and street smart. Because of you, I know now that I shouldn’t be somewhere for money but for the learning. Dropping out of college and doing stuff with semiconductors must seem pretty crazy back then.

Yes I know finding a mentor in the world of business is very tough, sir. You couldn’t do it in your college. People like Mike markkula (investor, stakeholder of one-third of apple), Michael Scott (CEO of apple) all had ego battles with you and couldn’t handle you instead of being a mentor in early days of apple. People say that you learned so much from Scotty for apple to succeed as a company, not just products. But they also thank you, Scotty didn’t achieve stability at apple. Even though being in search of a mentor, you wouldn’t consider someone a mentor that easily!

Well, I’ve also worked hard to fi nd a mentor. I’m pursuing MBA which was not needed that much to pursue a good career. Since I’m not into a business like you, I needed to do various internships under various mentors. The guys I’ve worked under were very good at what they do. And in my case, I try to keep my ego minimal. The biggest change you brought in me is that I should be confi dent about who I am. Most of the people in your biography by Walter Isaacson criticize you for your ego, bad behavior, and rigidity in ideas. Most of the movies made on you portray you as a bad person. Unfortunately, I’ve also got these characteristics. Having you insight makes me feel okay with being an egomaniac.

I’ve also realized that you need to have haters and lovers in order to be successful. Most of the famous leaders in the world are polarized with admirers and haters. This is how democracy has an upper hand over dictatorship. We have a Bollywood star who must be as polarized as you named Shahrukh Khan.

Mentors are overrated. Friends who can act as mentors are bliss, like Wozniak. Also, John Scully, forgetting the fact that he let your friendship down by trying to push you out of an apple. Wait, how can I forget those hippie friends of yours who let you stay at their place when you dropped out of college.

Well, I’ve got a Wozniak of my own. May his technical acumen give me a chance to be like you. I’ve got many John Scullys who are ready to stab my back anytime I let my guards down, but I’m happy about my not so hippie friends who are always ready to be high on acid with me whenever I break down.

I can list every incident in which you have inspired me. Not making this a long read for you, let me just thank you. Thank you for that speech you gave at Standford in 2005, for setting the benchmark of best entrepreneur ever for today’s entrepreneurs, for being so legendary, and being a role model for people like me and entrepreneurs like Mike Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Thankyou For naming that computer LISA, for having good terms with Wozniak till the end, Thankyou for telling this world that being crazy about something is okay.

Yours scencerly,

Parth Ramoliya.